About Us

Our Mission

Why we started H & R

We are wanting to provide everyday equestrians with comfortable, flexible, breathable clothing where you don’t have to break the bank to get that style you’re after, whether you’re at home riding or competing we cater for everyone! 

I have designed our range especially for the Australian climate, ensuring  that we make light weight, quick dry jodhpurs that have been tested by real riders and modified to suit real equestrian bodies.  After you try a pair you will have to buy another. 

We also encourage feedback on all our products as we feel that we can always improve to ensure you have a product that you are happy with.  

I sure was that’s for sure, I just couldn’t justify spending $200-$300 for a pair of breeches and $80-$100 for a shirt!

They’re nice don’t get me wrong, but that’s a decent load of hay or feed that will feed my horses and I don’t know about you, but I prefer to spend money on them before me.  We all like to wear nice things .
But what makes it better is when you get that bargain! But what’s a bargain if there not comfortable?

Yeah, they make my butt look great, but they are so hard to move in. That when I climb up into the saddle and I emphasis “CLIMB” more like an distressed koala that’s lacking somewhat of coordination that feels like I’m either going to pop a hip out or expose my “cracker” underwear to those unsuspecting spectators that have now seen more of me than whatever I anticipated, and I can guarantee to you it’s more than they’re monies worth. “They got more than an entry fee that’s for sure”

May of scared more than just people with the sight they just witnessed oh and don’t get me started on HOT. “Oh my gosh they’re hot”! My top matches but its sooo heavy and sweaty I feel like a walking sauna and I have to keep that deodorant can on hand so can feel/smell somewhat fresh.

Cause there is nothing worse than feeling like that especially with our Australian climates we experience.

I am hearing you?

I know I want comfortable, flexible and of course breathable!

That doesn’t cost me a kidney.

So, this is why I started H&R Apparel!