Grand Prix Rugs


Welcome to the new home of Grand Prix Rugs!

We are so humbled at this opportunity to now be the new proud owners of this great brand and business we would like to thank Chris Ledger for this great opportunity!

Be rest assured that the prices and quality and make and brand will all still be the same and nothing will be changed.

Grandprix rugs Is a established rug brand that has been around the equestrian community for 11 years!

it has a great reputation for its quality and even more for its fit especially for more broader horses.

Grand Prix rugs have been designed to stop shoulder rubbing, and rug slipping (wedgies) and have a generous drop for great coverage on those broader horses for a better fit alot of time thought has gone into the design of Grand Prix rugs to provide you with a great quality product which attracts so many repeat buyers all over Australia.

Aussie owned family run trusted rug brand!